Top 5 Mobile Phone Covers Online Shopping Sites in India


Online shopping sites in India slowly spreading. Large number of people prefer buying everything from groceries to clothes online. Online shopping has been growing very fast in India, only in 2012 online shopping e-commerce site number has crossed 600 from 100 . Online shopping offers fast, easy, money saving and interesting shopping experience, it has many advantages like 24 hours shopping, Shopping with coupon to get discount, shopping from Home, rich product availability and specifications etc.

Here are the Top 5 Mobile Phone Covers Online Shopping Sites in India -

1. Amazon
World leader in e-commerce market recently started operation in india, Now Indians can buy Books, CDS and Electronic at cheaper price from For limited time they offering free shipping. A large number of people from India swear by the services of amazon. Amazon and flipkart are always at war with each other and are always at close heels. Amazon has an equally large number of products as flipkart

 2. Flipkart
Founded in 2004 with only Rs. 400000 now in 2014 tuned over 60,000 Crore company. mobile phones & mobile accessories, laptops, computer accessories, cameras, movies, music, televisions, refrigerators, air-conditioners, and products from a host of other categories. After takeover of now flipkart is largest  player of e-commerce of India.

3. Snapdeal
SnapDeal offers everything from local daily deals on restaurants, spas, travel to online products deals also mobile phones & mobile accessories, laptops, computer accessories, cameras. They offer you best price with free shipping. Snapdeal is a completely Indian website and is often preferred by the masses for its cheap rates. It sells products at really low prices and hence, is a favourite of the masses.

4. Ebay
After almost 2 year of dominating at number 2 ebay has come down at number 4 on list. is the Indian version of the popular online shopping portal – world’s online marketplace.

Uptown18 is famous for their unique designer products. Uptown18 is one of the best online stores that offers a wide variety of mobile phone covers, graphic tees, laptop sleeves, tote bags, personalized gift, backpacks and etc.

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