Types of T-Shirts and How to Pick a Reliable Brand Online


T-shirt is like a staple food for the wardrobe for both men and women. There are thousands of variations you can go for when you want to buy a T-shirt. The reason why you will always pick on purchasing t-shirts is because of the comfort and style that they can offer. Many years ago T-shirt began as a simple garment that could be put on to parties. But now things have completely changed, which have made T-shirts more of a symbol to make a fashion statement.

Different T-shirt styles you can go for:

1. Basic style: A basic style refers to a T-shirt that is of a uniform pattern and looks the same throughout. These types of T-shirts have the modest neckline, so that these don’t appear to be too revealing for a woman. Even for men, this style is quite in demand. Read more

2. V-necks: These types of T-shirts form up a pointed V-neck. It provides a little more space around the neck which in turn also makes it look more stylish. V-neck T-shirts vary in different sizes and styles. The range of sizes makes it easier for women to find a V-neck T-shirt whereas it is the opposite for the men’s collection. Read more
3. Graphic tees: Graphic tees in India have become trendsetters of late. A graphic T-shirt is the one that has an image printed onto the fabric. This is quite a popular style among both men and women. Graphic T-shirt includes designs comprising of words, movie and TV show characters, logos, music bands, etc. You can even buy graphic tees online in India through various reliable portals. Read more
4. Embellished: Embellished T-shirts are more popular among women because many embellishments use laces, sparkles, bows and even studs. Embellishment can be used more stylistically such as long laces, studs and beads, which can cover the shoulders, along with some random abstract pattern.

Buying T-shirts online has become a quite emerging trend in India. This is also very popular among men and women. One of the most in-demand products among those who love online shopping is graphic tees. The concept of graphic tees in India has become even more famous among the younger generation. Here are a few things you should consider before you buy graphic tees online in India:
  • Check the portal which where graphic tees are listed. Not every portal can provide you quality clothing and fitting. You need to ensure that the portal you select offers you a promising product.
  • A variety of products on a certain portal tells you a lot about the brand itself. Always look for a website that shows you a variety of products in graphic tees, and not just limited stock.
  • Timely delivery is another important factor. The online shopping website you choose should be able to deliver you the best possible product in time as promised. A certain delay in the package can harm the brand’s goodwill with the customer.

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